Hospital management course

The hospital management system or HMS  is essential for all doctors irrespective of the size of their clinical practice or hospital, for multiple purposes.  An HMS not only helps increase the efficiency of our services but also helps us to impress our customers, i.e., our patients.

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A Vestibular rehabilitation by Dr. Richard L Gans

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Good morning all, 

The webinar, “All stridors are not laryngomalacia,” held on June 17, 2020, was one of the most lively programs. While Dr. Mrutyunjay Bilagi (Anna) dazzled with his presentation, Dr. Seemab Shaikh vividly moderated the session. The panelists Dr. E.V Raman, a veteran of pediatric airway problems from Bangalore, and Dr. Sandeep Bansal, from PGI, Chandigarh, poured the practical wisdom. You can find the video on this YouTube link:

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K-ENT Innovative Masterclass 2020 - Silver Jubilee Guest Webinar: All stridors are not Laryngomalacia.

All stridors are not Laryngomalacia

It is said, “A single picture can speak a thousand words.” Similarly, “a video can speak a million words.”  

The videos are vital in medical presentations. Videos bring dynamism to our presentations, and videos make our performance lively. PowerPoint is a powerful video editing and video management tool. To deliver excellent presentations, we should know what video formats we can use in PowerPoint, how to insert videos into the PowerPoint, how to handle video after insertion and what special effects we can give to the videos. Hence, we should know how to edit videos.  

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A musical tribute to the Covid-19 warriors

A Musical Tribute to the Covid-19 Warriors

An online program on June 14, 2020 at 07.30 – 09.00 PM, Indian Time (+5.30 GMT)

Moderator: Dr. Pravin Sonwatikar


Dr. Natashekhar

Dr. Mubarak Khan

Dr. Gurmeet Trivedi

Dr. Srinivas C.V

Dr. Dhanapal

Dr. Rupali Jain

Dr. Rajesh Valand

Dr. Sonali Pandit

Dr. Kshitij Patil

Dr. Jyoti Swarup

Dr. Vikas Aggarwal

Dr. Jayesh Ranawat

Dr. Anil Thukral &

Dr. Rajendra Waghela

RSVP: Dr. Prahlada N.B,

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