Brochure update of Otology Ninja program.
Program brochure of PNS Imaging
brochure update of Presence & Present 2020 program.

Dear all,

I pray this message of mine finds you all at the best of your health and cheers.

Presentation and Public skills are crucial for all doctors. Presentations are not just for presenting clinical/research work. Presentation and public speaking help us in creating a brand image for ourselves. Multinational companies invest millions of rupees and appoint celebrities as brand ambassadors to drive their brand image. Unfortunately, we doctors cannot do that as we are bound to ethical values. Our best investment in creating brand value is our presentation and public speaking skills (PPS Skills). We are our brand ambassadors! PPS skills not only create a brand; they a personality for ourselves. I attribute my referral base for my clinical practice to my PPS skills.

Medical or life science presentations are unique. But, unfortunately, many medical presentations are dead or dull. We must breathe life into them. For that, we need six essential skills – ABCDEF. A – Agile, B – Body language, C – Candid, D – Design & Delivery, E – Evidence & F – Flexibility & fluctuation. We will be teaching how to hone those skills in our program “Presence & Presence 2020.”

Our Webinar series on Temporal bone radiology is coming to an end tomorrow. We had more than 800 participants from all over the world who logged into this Masterclass. Rather than teaching, it was an excellent learning experience for me. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in those programs. Next Thursday, we are starting Masterclass on PNS Imaging (C.T. & MRI). We are developing the HRCT Temporal Bone app, instructional videos with animations, and a dedicated website on a war footing. Here is the first look of a 2-D animation (without voice-over and music).

On Tuesdays, we will have guest faculty from diverse backgrounds, speaking on different topics related to us. This Tuesday, on May 12, 2020, Dr. Vishal Rao, a celebrated HN Onco-surgeon, shall speak on “Voice Rehabilitation in Post-laryngectomy Patients.” He will also introduce his innovation – “Most economical voice prosthesis.”

Many friends expressed an interest in participating in the “Automate: Automating research article writing process” program. Unfortunately, the price of one of the essential software, the endnote, has been raised to nearly 25K. An endnote is a critical software that helps in easy referencing. It is a 30k investment for all software provided you have a licensed version of Microsoft Office or Office 365. Anyway, it is a good investment. However, it works out significantly cheaper for institutions. If colleagues, still interested in investing and taking part in this program, please write to me.

We have got an equally good response for two new programs – Otology Ninja, and Presence and Present 2020. As we are still at the beginning stage, registrations are still open. Interested colleagues, please write to me for registrations.

I have a firm belief that you are taking good care of yourself and your families during these testing times.

With warm regards,

Dr. Prahlada N.B.