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Temporal Bone Radiology made easy


PNS & Anterior Skull Base Imaging course is available now.  Interested colleagues can contact me: prahlad@kenthospitals.com.



Normal radiological anatomy

  • HRCT Temporal bone – Basics
    45 min
  • Axial views – Slides
  • Coronal view – Slides
  • Axial and Coronal view – Video
    45 min
  • Sagittal view – Slides
    2 h
  • Sagittal view – Video
  • HRCT Multi-planar Reconstruction
    1 h 04 min


  • Basics of MRI and MRI of Temporal bone
  • TB Pathology Part – 1
    1 h 07 min
  • TB Pathology Part – 2
    45 min
  • TB Pathology Part – 3


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21 Reviews

    I have already submitted 3000 for otology ninja but video is not getting opened

    great teaching …thanks sir

    Couldn’t see the video. It flashes out saying “protected content:..But I have registered with payment.

      Please wait until the website approves you. You will receive an email when the website approves your account for this course.

    Following classes on temporal bone radiology still not accessible- sagittal video, MRI, congenital anomalies and TB pathologies…

      Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention. It was wrongly put under a different heading. Now, it has been re-assigned. Please don’t hesitate to write to me if any issues. Your feedback is highly valuable.

    please till now i cannt access to TB radiology

      We are here to help you, sir. Please email us your payment confirmation slip for TB Radiology course. The issue will be resolved within 24 hours.

    Excellent module

      Thank you very much for your appreciation sir. Keep visiting. We are also working on animated videos. We will upload them when they are ready.

      Best regards,

    Sir, we can see chorda tympani nerve in sagittal section of HRCT-TB, but why can’t we

    see chorda in axial and coronal view ?

      Very interesting question.

      Any tubular structure will be seen as a tube in the plane of the scan which is parallel to its course and as a circle in a plane perpendicular to its course. The Chorda tympani is parallel to the sagittal plane. Hence it is seen as a tube. Whereas the coronal and axial sections are either perpendicular or oblique to the course of the chorda tympani. The Chora tympani appears like a circle or oval structure in these planes. In view of its small diameter, it is not easily identified in these sections. But, if we carefully search for them, we should be able to identify it. I was able to identify chorda tympani in few axial and coronal sections in scans, but not all. If I see one next time, I will post it for you.


    Thank you very much sir, my question is answered satisfactorily.

    SIr, TB pathology part 3 & 4 videos are one and the same…and if we can get to view

    videos of lectures by Dr Murali Nadig..it will be wonderful….

      Thank you very much for bringing to our notice about TB Radiology. That will be rectified. There was some issue in recording Dr. Murali Nadig’s video. We are planning to re-conduct the program again. When it happens I will let you know.


    Thank you sir, Regards

      After verification, we realized that actually there was no TB Pathology: Part -4. It was posted by our staff by mistake.


    Sir, the class under the heading of – Sagittal video doesn’t have any video..instead its wrongly put under the heading of HRCT-multiplanar reconstruction….and the original video of HRCT- multiplanar reconstruction is missing…came to my attention…so thought I would bring this to your notice.


      Thank you very much for bringing it to my notice. That’s what happens when non-medical people handle a medical website! It is rectified now, anyway.

    Sir already paid for 3 courses but when try to open it shows contact is protected

      Thank you very much for contacting us, sir. It is very important for us that you access our website and learn from our educational material. Your issue will be resolved today morning itself. Please mail your contact number to amogh.prahlad7@gmail.com.

      With regards,

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