Otology Ninja brochure about deconstruction.

One of the Japanese principles of management is Deconstruction. That is, if there is a difficult task to perform, break it down to its constituent parts. It’s also known as chunking. Deconstruction is also a popular time management method. We can also call it as divide and rule, which the English successfully used to rule India for more than 300 years, and now our many of our politicians are using!

Nevertheless, “Deconstruction” is a useful technique I have used to master the most challenging surgeries successfully. When we divide the whole surgical process into several individual steps, the task becomes more manageable. For example, I have demonstrated the endoscopic DCR surgery by dividing it into individual phases in the picture enclosed. When we carefully study the steps and execute them, the whole surgical process becomes more manageable. East step is akin to a single pearl, and together we can make into a beautiful pearl chain!

I have developed more than 20 such techniques to teach and perform surgeries. And I will be sharing those techniques in our “Otology Ninja” program starting tomorrow. I thank all colleagues from all over the world for an overwhelming response. Our objective is to make you the best Otological and lateral skull base surgeons. And together, we can achieve it.

Our other program, “Presence and Present 2020,” is also starting tomorrow. Other than the presentation and public speaking skills training, the participants will also get 100 great medical PowerPoint slides, 1000 icons, graphics, pictures and animations designed by our team, as a gift and only one day left. Interested colleagues, please contact me ASAP.

With best regards,

Dr. Prahlada N.B
(Please write to me only on email).