Instructions for newly registered users. 

Newly registered users mean those participants who have already transferred registration fees through NEFT/RTGS, Google pay, SWIFT, or Paypal to the administrator’s account or Karnataka ENT Hospital account. As of now, online payment at the website through a credit/debit card, PayPal, or net banking is not available.  

Step 1:  At website, please hover your mouse over the “Courses” menu. A dropdown menu automatically opens up.   

Step 2: Click on the “Courses grid” menu. 

Step 3: You will reach a webpage containing all our courses.

Step 4:  Click on the “Take this course” button of the course, for which you have already paid. If you have already paid for more than one course, please click on only one course to start with.  

Step 5: You will reach a webpage containing a registration form. Please fill the form with all the required details.  

Step 6: At the payment details section, choose either the “Cash” or “Pay through the Bank” option.         

Step 7: Then, click on the “Continue” button.  

Step 8: You will receive a message saying, “You will receive an email confirming your registration.” The website registration process is automatic, and you will receive an email message asking you to change the password.   

Step 9:  Click on the link, “Change your password,” in that email.   

Step 10: You will reach the “” website, where you can change your password.  

Step 11: You will receive a “Password” change confirmation message. Now you are ready to view your course.  

Step 12:  Click on the “Login/Register” button on top of the webpage. You will reach the login screen. Enter your username and password. That will take you to the course page for which you have registered.  

Customer service

Customer service

If you have any login issues to our website, please send the following details to this email:


Course registered for: 

Complete Address with Pin code:

Preferred user name:

Mobile number

And please enclose the payment confirmation slip. 

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