Temporal bone axial view Understanding Radiological anatomy of the Temporal Bone Made Easy! Keep visiting for regular updates

Otorhinolaryngology – Head & Neck Imaging for Otorhinolaryngologists.

A thorough knowledge of imaging is essential for Otorhinolaryngologists.  There is an old saying, “to be a good surgeon, one needs to be a good anatomist first.” Imaging helps us to understand the radiological anatomy of area of our interest. Imaging helps us to arrive at an optimal diagnosis for any given case.  In addition, imaging can help us to understand the anatomical variations, pattern of the disease process, disease extent, and it’s vascularity.  We can also use images as a road map to plan our surgical steps.  Success of a surgery depends on minimizing complications and obtaining maximum results with our procedure.  Imaging can help us with that task.   Hence, hereby we bring this essential topic to help our colleagues.

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