With this, I am glad to introduce another innovative course – Presentation Skills for Doctors. Being an excellent presenter is an essential skill to succeed in our personal and professional life. I live in a remote 3-tier city. Yet I have been an invited speaker in more than 1000 local and global medical events so far. My first ten years of education were in the local language in government schools, where the English was taught as a subject and not a language! Yet, I managed to win all the Gold Medals at our state, zonal and national level conferences, including the coveted RAF Cooper Award. All because of my presentation skills. Medical presentations are often considered dull, and many in the audience doze off. Yet, we can make a difference and get noticed and captivate the attention of the audience by being innovative a.
I welcome you all who interested to succeed in their professional life through dazzling presentations and public speaking skills. Even though this course online – you can have hands-on training through innovative teaching techniques. The course carries a small nominal fee to support our efforts as our programs are self-funded. Interested colleagues, please email me.
With warmest regards,
Dr. Prahlada N.B.
(Please mention “Presentation skills” as the subject in your mails.)
Brochure of Presence and Present 2020 program
Brochure of Presence and Present 2020 program