Presence & Present 2020

Presentation and Public speaking skills for doctors. 

Mastering the master slide to save time and create dazzling presentations.

About the Presence & Present 2020

Presentation and Public skills are crucial for all doctors. Presentations are not just for presenting clinical/research work. Presentation and public speaking help us in creating a brand image for ourselves. Multinational companies invest millions of rupees and appoint celebrities as brand ambassadors to drive their brand image. Unfortunately, we doctors cannot do that as we are bound to ethical values. Our best investment in creating brand value is our presentation and public speaking skills (PPS Skills). We are our brand ambassadors! PPS skills not only create a brand; they a personality for ourselves. I attribute my referral base for my clinical practice to my PPS skills.

Medical or life science presentations are unique. But, unfortunately, many medical presentations are dead or dull. We must breathe life into them. For that, we need six essential skills – ABCDEF. A – Agile, B – Body language, C – Candid, D – Design & Delivery, E – Evidence & F – Flexibility & fluctuation. We will be teaching how to hone those skills in our program “Presence & Presence 2020.”

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Dr. Prahlada N.B

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