Neuro-otological & Equilibriometric Society with Otology Ninja Presents:

Webinar # 11 : Tuesday 07th of July 2020, 7.30 PM (GMT +5.30)

Topic: Vestibular Migraine
Speaker: Dr. Prem Sagar, MS (ENT), DNB, MNAMSAssoc. Prof, AIIMS New Delhi
Moderated by: Dr. Surajit Barman, MBBS, MS (ENT)Consultant in Charge, Vertigo ClinicNightingale Hospital, Guwahati
Dr. Prem Sagar has a keen interest in Vestibular Pathologies & formidable experience at the Vertigo Clinic at AIIMS, New Delhi. Be prepared to have all doubts & confusion decluttered during her evidence-based talk on one of the most misunderstood, albeit the most published condition- Vestibular Migraine.”
The webinar will be moderated by highly respected Dr. Barman who himself is an authority on Vestibular Diseases. 
A panel discussion with our experts will follow.  For this session our panelists, in alphabetical order, are:
Dr. NVK Mohan, Kolkata Dr. Ravi Shankar, Lucknow,
Dr. Srinivas Dorasala, Bangalore
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